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Polanni is a Italian fashion company, that is focusing on men’s luxury accessories. The company offers stylish and trendy cufflinks and tie clips. The company has opened its brand store all over the Europe. Later on the company has launched fashionable pens, eye glasses, belts and ties.

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Polanni - The Right Combination of Elegance and Distinction

Immerse yourself in the universe of Polanni cufflinks if you want to better understand today's high life and if you want to remark the spectacular details used by the rich to assert themselves in the world. The recent history of cufflinks has been marked by a few shifts from casual elements presented in a fashionable and Baroque manner to a more minimalistic look that is so much in accordance with today's trends. In this context, Polanni is definitely one of the solid precursors with dozens of different models advertised avant la letter. If you already have a nice perfume to accessorize your outfit and you're looking for a new addition, try these cufflinks and see how important they are in modifying the others' perception of you.

Structurally, there are a few models advertised by Polanni that truly make a difference in the context. We did our best to pick them up for you and mention them in the list below. However, keep in mind that in most cases it is the diversity of the cufflinks a man wears that truly impresses women rather than one model in particular:

  • B010 Cufflinks - Silver and gold plated, they are suitable for evenings out or for parties. They are serious, without exuding rigidity, and powerful without overcompensating with uncertainty.
  • B14 Cufflinks - These silver plated cufflinks are perfect if you have business meetings on a regular basis and you want something casual and distinguished at the same time.
  • B2 Cufflinks - The complicated pattern featured on this model is a great match for a distinguished suit.
  • B23 Cufflinks - Round and elegant, these black cufflinks are the perfect addition if you're into more exotic accessories, irrespective of occasion.

The incredibly versatile design of this brand will make you feel ease and give you strength and confidence on a regular basis. The collection is really simple and powerful and, in addition, it uses the most distinguished elements to bring a sense of luxury in your life and in your business.

Considering the materials used, Polanni cufflinks come at very affordable prices, with better and better online offers by days passing. Order Polanni now and you won't regret your purchase, regardless of your tastes.