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Playboy has launched its first women’s perfume in 1998. The main theme of series of perfumes of Playboy is sex, love and passion. The first fragrance was called “Playboy Play it Sexy” and it had notes of citrus, juicy peaches and amber. Then the series of perfumes fr women, that contained the name of American cities was launched: “PL Vegas”, “PL New York”. Also, the company has developed scented body lotions.

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The Art of Love - Playboy Perfumes and Fragrances

One may think that there's no actual connection between this magnate in the industry of erotic lifestyle and perfumes, but one may not be more wrong than that. Actually, it's this brand the one that reinvented the contemporary urban style to a certain extent. Creating or using concepts like metrosexual, incisiveness, sensuality, playfulness, and innocence, Playboy defines the very core of what we consider today as being attractive and instigating. In the field of contemporary perfumes, this resumes to a few very particular high notes and to an extraordinary design that is completely in accordance to the wider image of this brand. So if you're looking for perfumes, eau de colognes, eau de toilettes, and sprays by this company, look for the rabbit.

From the entire offer advertised under this name, Playboy Vegas stands out: its illustrious combination of deep and sensual notes on the one hand and straight, well-balanced tones on the other reconfigures your masculinity and makes you feel much more comfortable and at ease when you're in the company of a beautiful woman who you want to impress. In contrast with this one, Playboy Play It Lovely is dedicated to her, to her ambitions, dreams, and passions. Sharry baby orchid, tuberose and juicy peaches render a sense of mysterious playfulness that is embraced by the warm notes of amber and tonka bean. Playboy Play It Sexy is much more vivid in nature, bringing the game of passions on a completely different level. Finally, Hollywood Playboy is destined to him and to his powerful nature and spirit. Remark the insertion of elemi, vetiver grass, and amber that instigate to passion and sensuality.

In fact, this sensuality is a constant element of the brand; Playboy doesn't necessarily target one single image, even if the rabbit we so much love is present on each and every item in particular. Note the spectacular color schemes and the trendy minimalism and simplicity of this brand that hasn't grown old for decades in a row.

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