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Pino Silvestre

Pino Silvestre is an Italian company, that produces the fragrances made of pine and amber. Also they have scented aftershave gels and creams. In 1955 the line of Eau de toilette was launched and it was named, Massimo Vidal (Venice). It is currently being manufactured by several companies around Italy and other European countries, The perfumes are coming in a distinctive green pine-cone shaped flacons. This brand is famous for its amazing and exciting scents.

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Italian Fragrances with a Theme: Pino Silvestre

There are indeed few brands on the market that focus on selling fragrances based on a special aroma; in most of these cases, the fragrances are related to exotic ingredients, created in such a manner that they attract you from the very beginning even if the base of these formulas is not spectacular at all. On the contrary, Pino Silvestre [the pine of the woods] is built around the idea that pine and amber are reasons enough to create superb perfumes for both men and women. As such, they advertise an entire line of products focusing on these two rather classic ingredients and proving that there is still room for innovation in the antechamber of traditional perfumes. To reach this level of perfection and to be able to reinvent right from within is actually such a complicated manner that few can take pride in this accomplishment.

Pino Silvestre by Pino Silvestre has been created having this idea in mind: cedar, musk, and amber reach perfection in this recipe that is more than 50 years old. Set against this base, notes of thyme and fir tree blend with tonka bean and moss, rendering one of the most spectacular fragrances Italy has ever seen. In addition, Pino Silvestre Sport Cologne is a variety based on a similar formula, but with a more intense contrast of exotic patters as far as citrus goes. Use this second product as an addition or an accessory to the first one. The combination will add complexity to your personality and will teach you how to shape your identity in a world flooded by casual aromas.

The design of this brand is almost figural in nature: the bottle suggests a pine cone or a fir tree cone, while the liquid is colored in a nicely looking shade of green to intensify the effect of veridical reference. In addition, the cap is simple and it brings a sense of completion to the entire perfume.

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