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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin was born on July 7 in 1922 in France, San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso. He has Italian roots. He is famous fashion designer. In 1959 he turned Japan fashion in a high fashion market, during his trip. Later on he started to design clothes for men and women. He also launched series of perfumes, that were very popular in France and other European countries.

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A Sweetness You Will Never Forget - Pierre Cardin Perfumes

The Continental syntax of this brand is obvious from the first glance. Classic and futuristic elements intermingle constantly as to create that special blend of features that defines the originality, uniqueness, and pure inventiveness of the European brands. This is precisely the brand that proves once again (should anybody think otherwise) that the essence of contemporary perfumery is and is going to stay in Europe. Pierre Cardin focuses on two distinct aspects: the elegance of the lines and the finesse of the fragrance.

Each time you try a product from Pierre Cardin you need to determine first if the base of the product is complex or not. If it is, you should give the perfume the time to display all the middle notes after impressing you with the top. If, on the other side, it is not, you should pay attention to each nuance present in top notes to better understand the ambiguity of the top elements. To give you one example, Black by Pierre Cardin will impart a sense of completeness around it by suggesting both sweet and deep notes; as a counterbalance, Pierre Cardin by Pierre Cardin brings spices in focus, thus creating the impression of a more oriental fragrance, suitable for young people and seniors at the same time.

The design of this brand is very classy and distinguished among other houses in Europe. Based on the dialogue between glass and metal parts, it recreates the futuristic look of the products sold twenty, thirty years ago. Without special effect or other details, these perfumes look naturally beautiful and simple. The glass is completely transparent, letting the subtle shades of the perfume to be bathed in sunlight. This renders a special sensation of intensity and, again, verticality. Black displays an opaque bottle to better mark the distinction between its deepness and the open nature of its counterpart.

Pay great attention to the evolution of prices related to this particular brand because, every now and then, special offer show up on the web and you can purchase this product at an incredible price provided that you find out about the discount fast enough.