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Pierre Balmain

Pierre Balmain is a fashion designer from France. His works are known for the sophisticated and elegant designs. His famous saying is : “Dressmaking is the architecture of movement”. His first women’s fragrance was launched in 1978 and it was named “Vent Vert”. Later on the company launched a line of men’s perfumes, named: Carbone, Ivoire De Balmain and Monsieur Balmain. The fragrances, contain notes of basil, bergamot and ginger. Then company has launched more than 20 perfumes for men and women.

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Sententiously Free: Fragrances by Pierre Balmain

From within, this brand is definitely interested in redefining the way people perceive the industry of perfumery today; from the outside, however, the things are much more complicated. This brand has neither the velocity of an international company, selling products on five continents, nor the simplicity of a local brand. It's actually in-between, that is in the vast and interpretable space between the metropolitan style of the former and the peripheral appetency of the latter. It is casual without being dull and exquisite without being fussy. Most of the perfumes advertised under this name are thus the embodiment of versatility and smart approach to the notion of localization. Here's how:

  • Carbone is an extremely masculine fragrance, featuring notes of elemi, bourbon pepper, violet leaves, and black figs. You can get very elegant wearing this scent provided that you know what outfit suits it best.
  • Surrounded by sweet notes of gardenia, Miss Balmain is focused on the concept of secrecy. Everything in this perfume is determined to hide your true personality. As such, it is a good idea to wear this fragrance based on citrus and coriander when going to a party or when dining out with your future boyfriend.
  • Vent Vert is atypical to this brand: the intense green apple and patchouli render a sense of freshness that is intricately absent in the core of this brand. At the same time, the warm effects of violet and cinnamon reinstate the identity of the name and reconfigure the very definition of Pierre Balmain perfumes.
  • Finally, Balman will impress you with a strong and dismissive combination of sandalwood and cardamom. Perfect for evenings, this perfume is destined to serious men who like confidence and trust.

Determined to reinstate the classic values of transparency and verticality, the design of Pierre Balmain fragrances is very distinctive and reliable. Note the elegant lines of the bottles and the impeccable color palettes used for boxes and accessories.

In conclusion, buying perfumes from this brand is definitely a wise decision. If you do it online, you can get a better offer, which will have the power to influence positively your budget for the months to come.