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Perry Ellis

He is fashion designer from America who established house in the mid 1970s, that was producing the sportswear. He was acclaimed by critics as the ideal American sportswear designer of that times. He was also loved by female costumers for his clean and casual style. Ellis in collaboration with Vera Companies' parent company, opened his own fashion house. The company was named Perry Ellis International. Later on, he expended his lines by adding shoes, furs, accessories and fragrances in his collection. It became his trademark to skip down the runway at the end of his fashion shows.

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From Sports to Elaborate Perfumes with Perry Ellis

In the second half of the 20th century, Perry Ellis grew to become one of the most important sportswear designers in America. Later on, he opened his own house of perfumes that proved to be very inventive in both the nature of the aromas and the versatility of the design. Because of that the last decades witnessed a growth in the demand of perfumes and eau de colognes advertised and sold by Perry Ellis, and this proved to be quite impressive at that time, boosting the company from a national to an international level. Today, Perry Ellis is a well-respected brand in this industry displaying a few dozen perfumes along with their fabulous fashion and design accessories. Check a few of their products out and learn how sports and fashion blend together in the most creative way possible.

360 for men is a distinct combination of tangerine, pineapple, and sage, set against jasmine and fresh herbs. The creamy nature of berries adds particular accents to this otherwise sharp perfume. In a completely opposite register, 360 for women is targeted to reveal the hidden parts of your personality by means of water lily, vanilla, and melon, used in combination with musk, sage, and amber. 360 Black features suede aromas, Barbados ginger and tamarind wine. The combination of these three peculiar ingredients is extremely suggestive and evocative irrespective of your own style and preferences. Finally, 360 Red is destined to modify your perception of masculinity with a bouquet created at the intersection of cedar wood, amber, and spices. Its distinction is unmatched and unparalleled in the field of contemporary perfumes, as the subtlety of the entire fragrance is so complex that few try to remark all the particular notes it features.

The vertical, erected style displayed by the Perry Ellis perfumes is the most important detail to remember us that we're dealing with a brand initially interested in sports and sports only. Remark the exquisite finishing of the bottles and the nice color palettes used for each product in particular.

Also, do take into account when you order online that these items are cheap when considering the quality of the aromas and that you can have them in no time really if you place your order now.