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Perfumer's Workshop

Perfumer’s workshop is selling a wide variety of gift scent, that contain fragrance and scented lotion. The most popular perfumes are “Samba”, Samba Fresh”, “Samba Ice” and “Samba Snow”. The earliest edition was introduced in 1987 and the latest one in 2005. The fragrances has floral and light refreshing scent.

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Find the Meaning of Dance with Perfumer's Workshop

This brand is dedicated to bring together two of the most intriguing and difficult arts in the world: the art of blending ingredients as to create an incredible perfume and the art of dance. Neither of the two would suffice if it were to completely impress you, but the combination, the eclectic nature of the result, and the continuous dialogue between spectacular moves and unprecedented fragrances is so vast that you'll soon fall in love with both the meaning and the appearance of this exceptional brand. Most of the products advertised by Perfumer's Workshop render a sense of special distinction and extreme versatility. This is why they are perfect for casual wear in daytime.

Samba is probably the best known perfume from Perfumer's Workshop; it displays a vast combination of soft, suave, and subtle floral notes that instigate to passion and love. Sensuality and freshness have never been closer than they are in this exotic blending of uncommon ingredients. Samba Fresh will teach you the true values of simplicity, ingenuity, and spontaneity with a bouquet featuring spring-like, sententiously watery notes of ocean mist. Samba Nova will bring deepness in this line of products, using amber, musk, and oak moss as key ingredients. Finally, Samba Viva is the embodiment of oriental spices and fruit destined to mark the clear distinction between night and day. Use it at noon if you want to get all the applauses for this incredibly soft and striking aroma.

The design of this brand is extremely unitary in both conception and principles. Bottles suggest the idea of dance by the repetitive lines of the contours and by the way they reflect in the transparent glass the shades and hues of the fragrances within. Simple, elegant, and truly colorful, these items celebrate life and the love for summer and joy. From this perspective, they are definitely targeted to the younger population, even if they are equally suitable for adults and seniors altogether.

Buy Perfumer's Workshop fragrances online in large quantities and you will notice excellent reductions and discounts, which, once added to the shipping costs, will reduce the final price even more.