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Perfume America

Perfumes America is a retail perfume company, that sells colognes, fragrances, cosmetic products and others products since 1999. The company is located in New Jersey. With Perfume America you can be sure that all the products are authentic. The company offers the whole variety of world brands. Such as: Beverly Hills, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace, Givenchy, and many others. The company also offers fragrances for kids and bath products.

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The Reinterpretation of Gold with Perfume America

Featuring elements that will make even the most fortunate envious, some brands put all the stakes in one fragrance and try to reinvent the very core of this industry by displaying a spectacular aroma in an unmatched way. It is the case of Perfume America that, advertising Beverly Hills Gold, manages to reconfigure the space perfumes occupy in our lives and the meanings they render each and every time we decide to use them. Wearing a perfume should be an art and art is the embodiment of luxury. As such, the creed of this brand is that fragrances should be accompanied by special attractions to make them valuable, precious, and important at the same time.

Beverly Hills Gold displays a continuous game between the soft nature of the base and the intriguing and powerful tones encompassed both in middle and top notes. Irrespective of the time of the day when you decide to use this phone, take into account that this perfume is versatile enough as to support daylight and the mystery of night with the same flexibility. Suitable for special occasions, Beverly Hills Gold can be used on a daily basis provided that you accessorize it with the right outfit and that you have the means to wear it adequately. It's in the nature of a quality perfume to render a strong air of elegance around it and this one is no exception from this rule.

The special attraction of this item is given by the presentation: a heart-shaped bottle and a similarly heart-shaped cap configure the basic lines of this otherwise plainly transparent perfume. Inside the bottle, you will remark gold flakes (actual gold) floating in the fragrance like petals on a river in the spring. The effect is devastating and very intense: those who see this perfume fall in love at the first sight and instantaneously want one bottle for themselves. So beware of the place you keep this special fragrance.

Considering that it displays gold with such gracefulness, this product is definitely underpriced. Purchase it online and your advantage will be double, as you will face even better costs and you will have the perfume in a matter of days delivered at your front door.