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Payout company is the unique French cosmetic company that was founded in 1937 by Nadia Grégoria. The story of the company is very interesting, because it founder has become a legend, because she was first women that opened her own cosmetic company back in the days. Nadia developed her first products - Golden Rays face cleanser and face crèmes in her kitchen. She liked that result and in 1927 Dr Payot opened her first beauty institute in Paris. The growing success motivated her to open her own company. The company keep expanding its range of products by developing products for each skin type.

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Payot - Delicacy and Simplicity in One Bottle

Syntactically, this brand is almost entirely different from any other brand on the market because it manages to reinterpret old styles while discovering new themes and trends. From the perspective of contemporary perfumery, Payot may not be the most important name in town, but it definitely is a significant presence as the very nature of it is surrounded by an air of mystery that will intrigue you and make you feel passionate again. It reaches such levels by an extensive understanding of the way traditional styles function together if the contrasts are smart and if the general context allows it.

Below there are two different products advertised under this name. When reading the descriptions, keep in mind that what makes them special is precisely the difference or, better said, what each one of it brings new in the overall framework. Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Dry Skin is a top-end product destined to help you create the right conditions for the health of your skin in the long run. Hydrating and replenishing your skin, it will bring a new level of comfort, thus influencing the deep and superficial layers of your skin as effectively as possible. Pavlova, on the other side, is a luxurious perfume destined to women who like to stand out from the crowd. Featuring a flowery base, with soft and delicate accents, this aroma will reinvent your personality in unexpected ways. Use it regularly as a daytime perfume and enjoy the social benefits it will bring to you each time when you're going out in the city.

The sensational design featured by this brand is both evocative and simple. On the one hand, figural elements come to better define the identity of the product, thus subjecting it to a more complex critique; on the other, pearl white backgrounds help you rest your eyes on a simple bottle and can when you use it. Remark the hat-like shape of the cap, as displayed by Pavlova and the nice contours of Payot Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

You can get these moderately-priced products at even better rates if you take advantage of contextual discounts and coupons. Do it online and your comfort will be guaranteed, while your budget for the next month will be safe and sound.