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Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio is a Mexican singer, model and hostess. She became well known in America, after releasing her signature song “Dreams”. In 2005 she introduced her first fragrance for women, called “Oro”. This fragrance has floral and citrus scent blended with peppered vanilla. Now there are more than 5 perfumes offered in Paulina Rubio collection.

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A New Way for the Baroque Perfumes: Paulina Rubio

Recently introduced on the market, this brand displays no traces of a novice; on the contrary, the solid presence it renders each time it is put into light or used proves that we're dealing with a very important and suggestive name. Paulina Rubio is actually quite an interesting blend of contemporary elements and traditional tones and it manages to transpose this idea in every single pore of it: in the nature of the aromas, in the light texture of the perfume itself, in the superb design of the bottles, and even in the incredibly powerful way it chooses to make its name known in the world.

For instance, Oro by Paulina Rubio is definitely something you should try: it possesses strong overtones of citrus, a light combination of middle tones (espresso beans, pepper, vanilla, floral attributes), and a soft and deep base. Simultaneously interesting and powerful, this eclectic fragrance reminds us of the way Baroque perfumes used to surrender themselves with complicated overtones and undertones only to make things more complicated and to hide the true spirit and nature of the perfume even more. Because of that, it is a mistake really to even try to consume this fragrance all the way to the end, as some of its traces are endless both in progression and subtlety.

Following the lines of the bouquet, the design featured by Oro is purely spectacular: fonts suggest that we're dealing with something rare and exquisite, while color schemes remind us, once again, that the very concepts behind this name belong to the Baroque era. Add a sense of Continental elements, especially obvious in the sharp contours of the bottle and box and you'll get a perfect addition for your home. Finally, remark the dialogue between the lofty nature of the cap and the transparent glass of the bottle if you want to fully comprehend the intelligent nature of this product.

Don't hesitate to purchase this perfume online when you have the opportunity to do so. It is not available all the time and the sooner you get it the more you'll benefit from it in the seasons to come.