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Paris Hilton

Paris Whitney Hilton was born on February 17 in 1981. She is daughter of famous Hilton family, that has empire of Hilton hotels. She is an actress and singer. Her popularity came, because of her scandalous sex tape. After that she decided to increase her popularity. She launched the series of fragrances and accessories, that became best sellers nationwide. In 2004, The most popular fragrance line named Parlux Fragrances was launched. The collection was not supposed to be that popular and its first edition was very small. Now the release of the fragrances has expanded.

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Innovation and Sense from Paris Hilton

Regularly prescribed rules are not very common in this line of fragrances. Paris Hilton has the merit of launching on the market a few products with a completely new idea. Her age seems to have to do with this, as she consistently tried to reveal herself and to remove all the barriers she has found in expressing herself. To be able to conceive great new products in an industry with such a long history seems impossible. However, Paris Hilton has proved that to be wrong. With an entire line of fragrances, smaller at the beginning and larger and larger as time went by, Paris Hilton has imposed on the market from the beginning. Continuous expansion that followed the debut has been a second proof of her stylistic qualities.

Perfumes like Fairy Dust are very representative for her. With nothing to hide and very direct, it expresses the need to dream and be free. Featuring a mix of pink peony and orange blossom, along with peach nectar and lotus, this superb fragrance has an aroma one would only dream of. Vanilla cream and musk have been mixed as well, but they are not felt as deeply are the others. Can Can is another very popular fragrance by the same producer. With a very seductive, playful and sensual touch, this perfume was designed to increase your perception in certain situations.

The design is a very important thing when you think of sales as shapes and colors are so different and strongly appreciated by shoppers. Some of the products do reflect 100% Paris Hilton's opinion of life. Colored, pictured, and designed to be liked by the shoppers, these sublime perfumes have found a perfect place in today's markets as young generations are more than ever ready to experience something new or even more, something completely new.

Sold online at cheap prices, they come in handy for most of the youngsters but not only. So many customers of various ages have been standing in line just to put their hands on something precious, such as a fragrance by Paris Hilton.