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Parfums Regines

“Regines” perfume was introduced in 1989 by the house of Parfums Regines. The fragrance contain ingredients of rose, tulips and lilies and it has strong floral scent.
The fragrance is recommended for daily wear and it is suitable for all women at any ages. Later on the company has introduced 2 more women’s perfumes with the
strong and floral scent.

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Perfumes for Royalties by Parfums Regines

As the right answer is not always the first answer, the same way one must not choose a perfume before had tried more than one variety. Parfums Regines features special blends and, consequently, specific aromas, larger number of choices for the mere consumer constituting one of the main characteristics of this respected brand.

With an obvious purpose of delivering high quality, unequaled by any other competitor, these perfumes have been created with the exotic environment in mind revealed by the notes these superb fragrances carry. Regines is one of the best sold products manufactured by Parfums Regines. This scent has at its base a blend of exotic fruits and oriental flowers, combined with amber and vanilla. The more you get to use this perfume the more relaxed you get, therefore, one must be very careful not to overdo it. Larger quantities used over a short period of time might be of nature to deteriorate clothing or, at times, even the skin; also too much perfume released in a closed area can be very bothering for yourself and for the others. That is why one must be careful and follow the directions of use.

No one in the right mind can possibly oversee such imposing fragrances once they got into their sight. With their distinctive aspect and with the gracious shaped bottles trying to imitate the oriental flowers used as ingredients for the perfume, these fragrances have been very well received by the consumers. With a very luxurious look, they tend to promise a lot, but with the appearance of a very high price. The appearance of a high price is just an appearance, as price tag for most of these perfumes is more than reasonable, they are actually quite cheap. Easy to shop for these superb fragrances online, the buyer might get additional extra savings as offers online do have a higher rate of exploitation.

Definitely one of the best and one of a kind at the same time, Parfums Regines has became a company needed by the market as it delivers exquisite royal quality products.