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Parfums Gal

Parfums Gal is Spanish cosmetics company, located in Madrid. The company
launched its popular line, made from original ingredients and named “Heno De
Pravia”. The line offers talcum scented powder and fresh and scented soap bars.
The products are being sold at affordable price and it can be acquired in more than
500 stores all over Europe.

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Parfums Gal Conceived for You

Featuring specific qualities, Gal products have a particular way to attend your needs as they provide you with an unforgettable experience. These products are offered for sale in an original packaging as one might easily notice. This particularity, along with many others, did quite seem to influence the way these products sell because they always are on the top of the list. Regular products are usually sold faster than the most qualitative ones. In this case however, it does seem like this rule has not been followed: Gal products tend to sell in larger quantities than the more commercial ones.

Heno De Pravia's Talcum Powder is one product released lately for sale on the market by this brand. Featuring a good formula, this powder is softly scented, leaving you with a smooth deodorizing sensation. Some products of this type have always been appreciated for the wide usability they offer, as they can be used virtually at anytime for a various sum of reasons. Heno De Pravia Soap by Parfums Gal is a soap produced by this brand released for sale with a great productivity, designed to deliver a fresh, cleaner skin. With a strong moisturizing power, this soap leaves your skin soft and silky, enhancing the pleasurable feeling of freshness. Offered in various sets, this soap has been appreciated by buyers for the way it acts and reacts to the pH of your body supplying you with the best possible experience.

The way these products are designed is very specific as they do show a bit of each idea that contributed to their creation. Therefore, we can definitely appreciate very much the luxurious packaging and the bottles and boxes they feature. Great colors and curved lines are just a few things needed to describe the choices made by Parfums Gal in rendering one of the most impeccable set of stylistic approaches on the market today.

All of these products are sold in different stores in the specific cosmetic's departments, as well as online. Especially online, they feature cheaper prices when they are sold in sets with a lower cost per item.