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Parera Espana

Parera Espana has launched it first men’s fragrance in 1999. It was called “Varon
Dandy Platinum”. The fragrances was representing classic and modern perfume,
that was embracing skin with the fresh, masculine and delicate scent. The
ingredients were oak moss, woods and citrus. Parera Espana has launched two
colognes for men similar to the original scent of “Varon Dandy Platinum”.

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Feel Young with Parera Espana

Today's culture is more inclined towards the young and liberal feelings, and Parera Espana is not too far from that. With a very adaptive strategy, Parera Espana has managed to bring on the market a few sublime products, very appreciated and acclaimed by so many. Products meant to keep up with the trends in society have known recently a growth welcomed by the producers. Parera Espana has one of the best performances in this direction, with sales that jumped through the roof.

Varon Dandy Platinum is a fragrance especially designed for young people, with a very silky touch and a texture that brings up a sum of suave and light memories. Based on an essence of fresh oak blended with moss and citrus, it gives a delicate and sparkling feeling, leaving the person and all the others around with an enhanced feeling of beauty. Products like Varon Dandy Platinum are always desired by most of the youngsters due to their sex-appeal so admired and demanded by the young generations. Also, the very seductive feeling implied by the traces of woods in these fragrances, do determine the customers not to hesitate when they have to decide over buying them or not.

Packed in one of the most admirable ways we have encountered in our pursuit, these amazing fragrances share one strategy, very distinctive by all others, encouraging the buyers to purchase these products by promoting them in a sublime manner. The bottles carry an antique note, although they are meant to predict the future. The design of the boxes has the same exquisite taste, color and shapes combining for great result. With a history of long desired products by the market and customers, Parera Espana is one of the perfume producers who are entitled to receive our respect for the originality and innovation they did display.

Currently, not too many fragrance producers have the ability to launch new products based on new ideas on the market. Parera Espana has the merit to do all that and not just once, but repeatedly, easily, naturally and without hesitation.