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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson was born on July 1 in 1967. She was born in Canada. She is a famous American actress, singer and producer. She became popular after making a implants surgery for her breast. After that she became a sex-symbol of America for many years. She launched the collections of her own cosmetics, make up and fragrances. The last ones were the most popular. Her first fragrance was launched in 2001 and it was named “V.I.P”. Now she has more than 5 fragrances in her collections.

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Pamela Anderson's Prominent Fragrance

Respected as a very well-known actress, with success to the public, the creator of this brand has been very prolific in many fields of activity. Success has been one thing to accompany Pamela Anderson regardless the field of action. The debut in the cosmetic's department has been illustrious and rewarding. Received very well by the industry, Pamela Anderson's line of perfumes had an immediate success, numerous reviews rating this new company very generously.

Fragrances as Malibu have been appreciated from the beginning for the sharp, good-looking presentation. Malibu features a luxurious aspect with a very playful personality. Destined to sustain and determine attention, this fragrance has embedded middle notes of vanilla and black orchid. The effects of this perfume on human behavior have proved to be very effective as one's attitude is of manner to change for the better in the presence of this fragrance. Very appreciated and highly acclaimed by almost all of the buyers, Malibu is one of the best sold fragrances for the past few years. With a name and an aroma with exotic connotations, this fragrance shows its provocative and seductive qualities. Never in the recent history did such a fragrance make quite a difference as this one.

Malibu perfume and Malibu sets with body lotion, shower gel and fragrances are a few representative products for the design Pamela Anderson has chosen to follow for the entire line of products. With a light color as symbol, and with high quality tubes and bottles, with shapes completely original to enhance the experience, these superb products have been one of the best things that happened to the cosmetic industry to the day of today. Selected products, especially the sets, have found the best place to sell online. Promotions have been in time very appreciated by people as they do save money for the consumer. Beside that, the e-commerce allows the shopper to purchase cheaper products directly from home with no need to drive to the store.

Pamela Anderson was and still is an illustrious figure worldwide and such a remark does fit her line of perfumes as they do have what it takes for it.