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Paloma Picasso

Anne Paloma Picasso she is French fashion designer, that was born on 19 April in 1949. She is famous for her clothing collections for women. She is also well-known for her accessories and jewelry designs and elegant perfumes. She is the youngest daughter of famous painter Pablo Picasso. Paloma started her career in 1968, when she was a designing costumes in Paris. She discovered her love for fashion and especially for jewelry. She was renowned by many critics for her rhinestone necklaces collection. Soon, Yves Saint Laurent asked her to make jewelry for his collection in 1971. Then she was hired by a Greek jewelry company Zolotas. In 1980, she started to make jewelry collections for celebrities all over the world. Later, she launched her own trademark and launched lines of perfumes.

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Sweet Perfumes from Paloma Picasso

With a history not to be forgotten, Paloma Picasso has been able to maneuver as well as to translate the success they had obtained in the fashion industry and then in the jewel's industry to the cosmetic industry, more exactly to the perfume's industry. Such special skills have been the basis on which Paloma Picasso has developed the best way to follow in the pursuit of success. Very rare in nature, such intentions have been followed by facts accordingly to desires. Paloma Picasso has been so fortunate as to succeed in this trial, with very pleasurable results.

Among the large number of perfumes released by the Paloma Picasso, Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso is one of the finest, with notes to remember. Based on a blend of citrus and green along with a mix of lavender and amber, this fragrance features an aroma unforgettable by anyone. Ready to fulfill your expectations, these perfumes have their own way of impressing you. Another very nice product is the Minotaure; featuring a low note of sandalwood and patchouli, based on a blend of various floral effects, this fragrance has a few virtues that really make it special. Recommended mostly for daytime wear, sharp and impressive, this perfume has won many hearts for the ones as lucky as to use it.

The design of these perfume's bottle is very rounded, with shapes meant to imitate the flow of the water and colors of a wide variety. They are obvious anywhere you see them and they will keep their own character. Sold in pairs or sets, these sublime fragrances have been selected to sell at discounted prices with large savings for the customers. Especially when they sell online, the accessibility becomes way better. The shopper has the possibility to choose from so many choices very fast and easy, and to save time and effort usually spent when purchasing in regular stores.

Paloma Picasso does not seat very far from the illustrious artist whose name it carries, its entire line of products revealing a deep resemblance of the influence art had over perfumes.