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For more than 3 decades, OXY has been continuing to be a leader in acne care. Many experts say that the company stayed in business that long, because hey were really good at what they were doing. Through all the years, the company worked hard to develop new acne solutions formula, that can be bought at affordable prices. That made the company one of the popular brands for teens who want clear, radiant and healthy skin.

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Oxy Helps You Say Good Bye to That Acne

Oxy is successful brand of effective acne solutions, treatments and cleansers. Anti-acne cosmetics represent a particularly challenging niche in skincare industry. The best solutions are, more often than not, pricey; however, the Oxy formulas have been perfected over the years by in-house experts, with affordability in mind. The prices of the Oxy products are incredibly low considering the high standard of Oxy quality.

The product range is considerably wide; to name but a few items:

  • The Cleansing Pads Maximum by Oxy - featuring the latest technology in unclogging solutions, these items help eliminate dirt and remove excessive oil; these cleaning pads manage to penetrate into the pores and prevent the formation of unwanted pimples;
  • The Face Wash Maximum by Oxy - a refreshing and energizing formula designed to unclog the poses and reduce redness; like most modern non-comedogenic products, this face wash by Oxy is 100% oil-free;
  • The Spot Treatment Maximum Vanishing - a fast-acting and effective formula that fight against the cause of acne, as well as against its most annoying symptoms; the Spot Treatment features an anti-bacterial pore unblocker capable of absorbing excessive oils, while reducing redness.

The color palette of the packaging solutions used by the manufacturer is rather unusual in the niche: black and red. The shapes of the bottles and tubes are thick, ergonomic, and practical. The Oxy logo features a white, bulky typing font, contrasting with the background color, being thus clearly visible from a distance.

Most customers who buy Oxy products suffer from some form of mild to severe form of skin irritation caused by hormones, genes, infection, inappropriate diet, and stress. If you think you've had enough of seborrhea, blackheads, pinheads, pimples, and papules, if you are young and beautiful behind that acne, if you feel like hiding because of something as insignificant as a small pimple, it's time for a change. You don't need to wait until you get in your early twenties for acne to disappear on its own: get rid of it right now! Place your order now and benefit from amazing discounts for the entire Oxy range of products available at our e-store.