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Orlane, is a French cosmetic company that helps women to get the most beautiful skin in the world. The company was founded by a group of biochemists with in alliance of dermatologists and even psychologists. Orlane is European leader in anti-aging skin care industry. The company's products help to achieve fast and long-term results. Orlane's philosophy comes from a deep understanding of French traditions. For more than 6 decades, Orlane has been developing skin care products and is well-known for its grace, elegance and flawless products.

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House of Orlane: Forever Young in Paris

A pioneer in the niche of anti-aging skincare, the Orlane Laboratories activate in the field of cosmetics for over six decades. Orlane is a synonym for elegance, beauty, and excellence. The Orlane Laboratories are the meeting place of an illustrious group of dermatologist, biochemists, and other highly qualified professionals who join their efforts to accomplish the Orlane perfection. The most important Orlane lines of products and programs are related to the fields of skin care, makeup, and fragrances.

Here's a list of exquisite and highly recommended programs by the House of Orlane:

  • Crème Royale - the jewel in the crown of the Orlane skin care collection, Crème Royale is an exceptional anti-aging concept, available as crème for generic use, for the sensitive area around the eyes, and for neck and décolleté;
  • Extreme Line Reducing - an advanced anti-wrinkle technology available as regenerating night serum, re-plumping cream, eye contour care, and lip care;
  • Hypnotherapy - the first psychodermic anti-aging solution developed by the House of Orlane;
  • Anagenèse 25+ - a scientifically developed formula designed for your adults, available as First Time Fighting Serum/Crème/Eye Contour;
  • Oligo Vitamin - an intricate blend of special ingredients for sensitive skin;
  • The Orlane makeup line-a complex and vast collection of foundations, tinted moisturizers, bronzing powders, highlighters, and mascaras; we recommend the Absolute Skin Recovery Sable Ambre 30, the Super-Moisturizing Tinted Moisturizing Cream, and the Bronzing Pressed Powder Soleil Cuivre 02;
  • The Orlane perfumery portfolio-featuring some intriguing fragrances, such as Be 21, Eau d'Orlane, and Fleurs d'Orlane.

Each Orlane program features an identity color: Crème Royale is golden, Extreme Line-Reducing is blue, Hypnotherapy is metallic with blue accents, Anagenèse is white with light blue accents, Oligo Vitamin is peach and pink, Whitening is white with a touch of silver, Pureté is white with light turquoise accents, etc. The Orlane logo is particularly simple and effective; all their packaging solutions have an air of distinction and elegance.

Orlane is a classic brand that has captured customer's attention for years. Making a list of all the magic cosmetics and fragrances you remember craving for can make you feel younger. There is a sparkling sensation we all associate to crèmes and perfumes we used to love, to wear, or to desire. Buying a classic high-end crème can easily make you see your past reloaded, like a sweet-scented motion picture of the good old times.