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Origins company has been creating and developing products for skin care, hair care and body care. The company offers the therapy treatment products using the best of nature along with trying to do what's best for the globe and what's best for customers.

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Origins - A Brand to Remember

Origins is a quality brand of high-performance skin care, hair care, makeup, and bath & body products manufactured with ecologic responsibility; committed to a green lifestyle, Origins is a statement of liability and knowledge in the field of certified organic formulas and cosmetics clinically proven for efficacy. The brand's formulas are developed by an in-house science team under the guidance of Dr. Lieve DeClercq.

Some of the greatest product lines by Origins include:

  • A Perfect World - an anti-aging skin care collection featuring a special Silver Tip White Tea formula; best selling products include the Antioxidant moisturizer with White Tea, The Age-defense skin guardian with White Tea, and the Firming moisture treatment with White Tea;
  • Youthopia - a collection of age-correctors based on a marvelous ingredient: Rhodiola rosea; the nicest products of the collection are the Ultra-rich firming cream and the Skin firming foundation with Rhodiola;
  • Make A Difference - a repair collection with a poetic ingredient: The Rose of Jerico.

The Origins logo consists of the word ORIGINS topped by an iconic representation of a couple of trees, while the bottom of their signature is their motto: "Powered by Nature. Proven by Science"; the Origin products come in elegant falcons, bottles, cans, and jars. Alternating between plane white backgrounds and softly gleaming lids, these fabulous cans deliver a design that is precisely at the intersection between the clean traditional pharmaceutical style and contemporary cosmetics. Add the light insertion of green, featuring a fresh look, and you get a product that is neither to intense in appearance, not too discreet in manners. In addition to all these, the contours of these cans, bottles, and jars are just what it take to make the difference between perfection and excellence. All in all, the impressive design of this line of products will always catch your eye when seen on the shelves of a supermarket or in your local store.

Incredibly cheap, considering the quality of the formulas hidden behind these products, Origins is a name you should remember and purchase every time you have the opportunity to do so when shopping for cosmetic products online or when stumbling upon special discounts.