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Noxzema company is developing skin cleanser products. The founder of the company is Alberto Culver. Alberto-Culver acquired the rights to the brand from Procter&Gamble in 2008. of the brand's original inventor. Noxzema has developed very popular facial cleansing formula, that helped thousand of women to get rid of their pimples. Noxzema has developed more than 30 facial cleansing products, such as emulsions, gels, scrubs, tonics and creams.

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Noxzema Salicylic Acid Formulas

Noxzema is a fine brand of skin care and facial products, deep cleansing solutions, makeup removal, blemish control and shaving solutions for both men and women; secondary lines of products feature makeup items and hair styling solutions with the same idea in mind: blemish control. Currently, the brand belongs to the American corporation Alberto-Culver; previously, Noxzema was a Procter & Gamble brand. The Noxzema brand has been on the market since 1914.

The Noxzema range of products includes several distinct lines:

  • Noxzema Original Clean - the products belonging to this collection are available for all skin types; we recommend their Deep Cleaning Cream (formula in a pump), the Deep Cleansing Cream Plus Moisturizers (packed in a jar), the excellent Makeup Removal Cloths (safe to use around the eyes, dermatologist tested cleansing cloths), and the Original Deep Cleansing Cream (with eucalyptus oil);
  • Noxzema Triple Clean - excellent, invigorating, and enhanced formulas perfect for your skin needs; our recommendation goes to the oil-free Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Bacterial Lathering Cleanser perfect to use with the Noxzema Triple Action Anti-Blemish Pads with medicated salicylic acid;
  • Noxzema Blemish Control - very effective, oil-free, alcohol-free, salicylic acid-based formulas especially designed to prevent breakouts and provide gentle cleansing while maintaining your skin balance; the bestsellers of the collection are the Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub and the Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Foaming Wash;
  • Noxzema Shaving - the collection consists of several shaving options for women, including eyebrow shapers, bikini lineups, several shave gels, and disposables; men's collection includes medical shave creams with Aloe Vera and lanolin.

All Noxzema packaging solutions feature a beautiful cobalt blue with a glossy touch. Products are available in tins, crème jars and pumps for increased usability. The overall design is relatively basic, except of the shaving collection which is particularly colorful and features more intricate, ergonomic lines. All Noxzema products come with the well known Noxzema signature inside the familiar oval shape; in order to recognize the minimalist logo of this personal care brand, please look for the extended silky line of the X letter at the middle of the word.

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