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Northern Lights

Nothern Lights brand is specializing in producing perfumed candles and candle holders, that are made from glass, bronze and other materials. The Northern Lights products often contain such ingredients as patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood, spices , moss, ginger tea, aqua, lime, honey and eucalyptus. The company is selling their products in more than 20 countries wolrdwide.

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Soy Exciting Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the beautiful name of a brand specialized in the manufacturing of scented candles and home fragrance accessories made of clear glass, bronze, ivory, iron, natural wood, and Terra Cotta; most of these products are soy candles made of soy wax for an amazingly long burn time, less smoke and drip, enhanced with the finest fragrances you can think of, or even fragrance-free.

What is to expect from the wide range of perfumed tealights, jelly jars, clamshell candles, pillars, votives, tapers, and more? Plenty of solid colors, subtle striations, textural interest, and a lot of scents! The combinations are governed by the extensive imagination of the manufacturer, resulting in unusual combinations that a designer of body perfumes would never dare to try. The Evening Musk Northern Lights smell like tart rhubarb and musk; the Rustic Tapers line consists of several interesting collections-pumpkin, ivory, pure white, meadow, autumn harvest, vineyard, Spanish garden, hunter green, dusty rose, plum, Bordeaux, to mention but a few variations; the Northern Lights available products often feature sandalwood, patchouli, spices, cedar wood, moss, honey, ginger tea, aqua, lime, and eucalyptus.

The name of the brand makes you think of the north winds at the dawn, at the spiritual dance of the magnetic glow, a rainbow of hues and astonishing lights; the image of the Northern Lights brand of scented candles is somewhat rustic with a special stress on closeness and intimacy, making you think of the fine natural ingredients involved in the manufacturing process. The features colors are innumerable, while the refined finish will make you treasure the experience even more. The packaging solutions are simple and uncomplicated, living all the glow and mystery for the inside; however, some of the candle boxes creatively feature cigar boxes, while most of the precious Esque polished vase come in special gift boxes with some sort of fine fabric lining.

We fully recommend to all candle lovers the extensive range of Northern Lights products for their fine scents and beautiful appearance. Decorate your home now and you get to choose from a variety of different types of candles and distinct scents. Purchase premium scented soy candles available in luxury gift sets at our e-store to benefit from our generous discounted prices and fast delivery.