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The Norell introduced its first fragrance in 1968 and it was called “Norell”. It is sharp and flowery fragrance. This Perfume has a combination of green florals, amber, oakmoss, musk jasmine and rose. It is recommended for all occasions. Norell has introduced more than 5 fragrances that can be bought in America, Canada and Europe.

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Norell, Perfumery at Its Best

This company has started to commercialize products of cosmetic nature since over a half of a century ago. Many products released for sale on the market have met customers' requirements. So many of these products have been largely praised, as the quality benefits they provide for the customers are among the highest on the market. As a producer, Norell did its job very well by providing its customers with all the information they needed regarding these products. The specific of these creations has been represented by the complexity of the aroma featured by these great perfumes.

All of these perfumes supply customers with enhanced experiences. Norell by Norell is a nice flowery fragrance featuring a wide palette of scents, from base notes of amber, musk, and jasmine to top notes of oak moss and rose. Recommended to be worn at day time and in the evenings, this perfume will attract everyone's attention as its strong yet refined aroma has been conceived to impress even the most reluctant people of all. Presented in colors able to raise interest, these perfumes are always appreciated for their subtlety and ingenuity. Many products are offered in different sizes as customer's preferences are so different.

The design of the bottles has been carefully chosen, as they do display a wonderfully shaped number of lines and colors able to influence your tastes in every detail. With boxes of various colors, selected to reveal the true hidden qualities of these fragrances, these perfumes have a very nice image among all other cosmetics they compete against. Perceived as some of the best fragrances in their class, these products are highly respected by all sorts of shoppers.

The price these products feature was lowered as competition and interest for the customers rose in time. Sellers have oriented themselves to promote their products not only in the regular stores, but also online, managing to offer the same products at cheaper prices under certain conditions. And so did Norell, as the products purchased online do offer quite often reduced prices when more products are desired and ordered. This way, each shopper gets its own chance to access and try any of these products.