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Nivea is a global cosmetics brand, that manufactures skincare and body care products. Nivea belongs to the German company Beiersdorf. The company was established on March 28, in 1882. The founder of the company was pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf. In 1900, the company has a new owner Oskar Troplowitz. He invented a water-in-oil emulsifier as a skin cream with Eucerit. It was unique stable emulsion of its kind of that time. The name of the company comes from the Latin word niveus, that means snow-white.

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Nivea - A 100 Year Journey

Nivea is a global super-brand of skin care and bath products trusted by customers worldwide. The first Nivea crème tin was launched in 1912; our grandparents used Nivea and the brand is likely to bring up memories to most of us; the younger are probably better accustomed with the newer products and cosmetics: the Nivea Q10 crème launched in 1998, the sun spray (2011), and, beyond doubt, the Nivea Crème blue tin.

While everyone remembers the blue tin, the Nivea product range is wider than Nivea crèmes, including bath care, body care, lip care, and a line destined to men. Nivea Touch of Happiness is a popular hydrating body wash that smells like orange blossom and bamboo; Nivea Smooth Sensation is a fast absorbing lotion with ginkgo, shea butter and vitamins; Nivea Hand Cream contains macadamia nut oil that keeps you hands moisturized to perfection; Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite features a concentrated formula with lotus extracts and L-carnitine available as both serum and gel-cream; Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey is a popular lip care solution based on natural ingredients; the blue Nivea Crème is a rich moisturizer offering intense hydration; Nivea Soft Crème is the white version of the blue Nivea Crème, with vitamins and jojoba oil; Nivea For Men Revitaliying Lotion Q10 SPF 15 restores the vitality and elasticity of men's skin, while protecting the skin from harmful sun rays.

The first Nivea crèmes had a very different look from the appearance of today's Nivea products. The Nivea logo as we know it is illustrative for the name of the brand, which is derived from the Latin word for snow. The blue and white tin was launched as an innovative advertising concept that is still featured by today's products by Nivea.

Nivea is probably the world's largest brand of skin care, with a wide range of distinct sub-brands and lines of products; surely, you have your favorites among these crèmes and lotions and you should take advantage and purchase them online to influence your budget in a positive way with the offers and discounts you will be able to find over the web every now and then.