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Nino Cerruti

Nino Cerrruti is a fashion designer from Italy. He has invented and developed innovative and simple sewing techniques and technologies. This fact was considered as a revolution in men's wear for the times. Later on he launched a perfumes lines. His fragrances are popular, because of its elegance and uniqueness.

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Nino Cerruti's Imagination

Refined producer, Nino Cerutti has joined this field a little while ago, after a prolonged success in the fashion industry. The best of the strategies has been the cause of the fast evolution this producer had experienced, reaching top position among the best sellers in this industry in a matter of years. With such great achievements, we can only bring words of praise for Nino Cerutti. Having to conceive products effective enough as to determine the shoppers to purchase them and more than that, to enjoy them, this great producer has found completely new ways of turning creative ideas into desired products.

1881 Black is one of the first and best perfumes ever created by Nino Cerutti. With the power of imagination, this creator has found inner capabilities able to release the best kept secrets into creative ideas giving birth to unique perfumes. Demanded by all types of customers, highly acclaimed and praised by anyone who got the chance to try this sublime fragrance, this concept has been talked about in various and repeated situations. Image is another perfume released by Nino Cerutti. With a base of spicy lavender and amber, it has embedded a combination of low notes of wood blended with fresh fruits. Especially designed for the ones with a preference for the exotic aromas, this fragrance has known a spectacular evolution in sales as more customers demanded it while promotions online expanded.

This line of fragrances consists of a various number of products with products for every taste. Designed in special boxes and nicely shaped bottles, these products come to meet the expectations of the buyers with a wide range of qualities. Remark the light insertion of colors and the way lines and shapes intertwine only to render elegance and complete sophistication. And remark the suave nature of the color schemes, altogether with the gentle fonts used on the front side of the products' packages.

Aromas in these superb fragrances have a certain note that touches people's hearts from the first moment they are felt. Nino Cerutti proved himself worthy of all the praises. He has been more than dynamic in the proper way he has managed to deliver the best products at the best possible moments.