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Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is fashion house that was established in 1932 in Paris. The founders of the company were Maria “Nina Ricci” and her son Robert. Nina Ricci was designing gowns and lingerie and Robert was managing business and finances. They were working with the fabrics directly on the mannequin to make sure they had the perfect shape. Nina Ricci designs became known for its romantic, sensual and always feminine style. Later on the company has expanded to include fragrances, make up and skincare products in its collection. In 1998 the company was sold to Spanish fashion and beauty group - Puig.

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Nina Ricci's Best Featured Perfumes

Different opportunities for companies in this industry have been used more often by some than by others. Nina Ricci has always been very careful with the investments and this can be seen in the way the entire line of cosmetics has been treated. With a contribution worthy of mentioning, Nina Ricci has been very proficient, releasing a wide variety of products which became very popular in the recent years. Competition has been at its highest levels ever in the past few years; however, Nina Ricci's products have managed to gain peoples interest, to arise the desired feelings in all the shoppers with a great result over the volume of the sales.

L'air du Printemps is one perfume highly acclaimed by so many customers. Conceived more than half of a century ago, this perfume has been turned into an icon for fragrance's buyers. This is a floral perfume that constituted the basis for future innovation, and it did determine in time a full line of fragrances derived from this original formula. Nina Elixir is a fragrance dedicated for young ladies, featuring a very rich composition. With a combination of musk and red fruits, this perfume has some very intriguing notes that raise the shopper the appetite for beauty. Promoted as a love potion, this superb fragrance impresses from the way it is presented, to the way it enhances the feelings. Buyers are absolutely crazy about this perfume, sales rising month after month once it was released on the market.

Designed in an absolutely original manner, these perfumes have been on the verge to take over the lead in the top ten best sellers ever on the market. Due to the most favorable presentations and offers found online, these perfumes are best sold over the web, as they can be bought at way cheaper prices than in a regular store.

Nina Ricci is for sure one of the most intriguing fragrance producers today. Sublime and exquisite elements characterize this line of perfumes, and, as a result, it has received positive reviews, rewarding the innovator with so much gratitude one could hardly expect.