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Nikos has introduced its first men's cologne in 2001 and it was named “Sculpture”. His unique design of the bottle has attracted many costumers and this fragrance has become one of the best selling European brand. Later on Nikos has introduced several more fragrances and colognes for men.

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Nikos, an Innovative Brand

Ever since the society has evolved, allowing people to exchange goods and opinions, creativity and originality have been both highly appreciated. Regardless of the period of time or of the place we would discuss about, these few things are very important. Producing cosmetics with a high value, rewarded by a high amount of beneficiaries with very good reviews, Nikos has been very proficient in determining the beneficiaries to buy more of these products, high demands of these products constituting the basis for higher profits. Delivering products able to give so much and to express the best features expected by the shoppers, this company has proved to be able to face the competition.

One very nice perfume, Sculpture by Nikos, features a very nice aroma based on a combination of low notes of lavender, spices woods, delivering a crisp and sharp result. Destined to be worn to impress, this perfume really does the job it was conceived for, proving to be one of the most appreciated of Nikos's creations. Revealing itself step by step to the customer, this perfume has been on the verge to determine the expression of two feelings usually not experienced together at the same time. Joyfulness and perceptiveness are casually met at once in the presence of this sublime perfume as it delivers what was meant to, an exquisite experience.

Design is absolutely incredible as some of the bottles do try to imitate crystals; and they sure do it very well. Such superb shapes, reminding of the nature of things, are just the missing link between the fantastic world of feelings and the reality of the facts. These products are very affordable and the price tag they feature is way below expectations. Sold online at very low prices at times, they may seem too cheap even for the uninformed buyer.

With a new way and great originality, Nikos has been one of the most creative producers among all the producers in this industry. Revealing its inner secrets, the creator of these sublime perfumes did a wonderful job, supplying us with some of the best fragrances ever conceived.