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Nickelodeon launched their first kid's fragrance, named “SpongeBob”. Later on the company has introduced more kid's perfumes with their favorite cartoon heroes. Fragrances had a huge success among kids, because they were coming in bright and colorful packaging and bottles. The scent are light, fun and fruity. The company keeps developing kid's perfumes and the latest one was launched in 2006 and it was named “Arnold”, “Ken” and other fragrances.

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A Few Words about Childhood with Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon fragrances and bath solutions represent an exciting brand extension, mainly targeted to children. What to expect from a SpongeBob perfume or from a Dora the Explorer eau de toilette? The presence of Nickelodeon in perfumery features playful, casual, young fragrances and crazy colorful packaging solutions, nothing too sophisticated, very cartoonish and child friendly.

We recommend:

  • Nickelodeon Drake & Josh Eau de Toilette-something about the opening of this cologne will remind you of childhood; the fresh mint leafs help temper the lemon peel; the sage note is present too, lending the perfume a delicate sense of originality;
  • Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Starry Night-this cologne features an energetic French lavender, watery greens, and soft citrus opening, while the cotton flower, violet, and rose heart has a balm effect; in the background you can feel the creamy energy of vanilla and sandalwood;
  • Nickelodeon Kids Spongebob Squarepants Boys Eau de Toilette - flowers in the heart, sweet in the base, this casual cologne opens with a gorgeous mix of citrus fruits;
  • Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer L'Exploratrice-although this fragrance features a relatively simple construct, it is a good candidate for day use.

The perfume bottles are available in bright vivid colors, a particularly mainstream option that your child is going to love. The labels feature the cartoons characters impersonated in the respective fragrances; these characters are probably the first thing that your child is going to notice. Nickelodeon's highest rated show-SpongeBob-has been very popular among little kids since 2000; Dora the Explorer-another popular animation series character-is the other figure highly featured by the Nickelodeon eau de toilettes.

The whole Nickelodeon line of fragrances is very well priced. Unless you are particularly sure who's your baby's hero, we recommend you to let your kid make her choice. Let her choose the best fragrance and enjoy shopping together! Let this become quality time you spend with your loved ones. Place your order now and benefit from significant cut prices for bargain hunters and SpongeBob fans! Happy shopping at Nickelodeon's!