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Nature's Gate

Nature's Gate was founded in 1981. For more than 30 years the company has been delivering top quality hair care and skin care products, made from organic ingredients, given by nature. The founders of the company were Leo and Vladimir. They decided to collect rainwater and blend it with the natural herbs from their herb garden. This is how their first Rainwater Shampoo was introduced. They started to give it to their friends and later on they decided to launch their own company. Now the company has developed more than 20 hair care products in their collection.

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Come to Nature's Gate

Nature, the provider for us all, has been the means the innovator of Nature's Gate' line of products has used to conceive all of its concepts. To make sure you benefit of products with a higher level of care for you, Nature's Gate has based the entire process of production on elements collected directly from the nature. Contribution brought by the natural composition of these sublime products has been revealed by the very fast and effective way the health is restored. These hair care products offer a wide range of solutions aiming to strengthen your hair and to deliver shine and smoothness.

One representative product for Nature's Gate's line of concepts is Chamomile Replenishing Shampoo. Based on a sum of herbal extracts, this product has been designed to clean, treat, and help colored hair. Managing to invigorate and revive the tone of the hair, this product has found the best way to approach the problem of customer's satisfaction. Replenished with a number of natural nutrients, this product has the means to offer care for your hair. Jojoba Revitalizing Shampoo is another product that had a very great influence over the buyer's decision in purchasing or not Nature's Gate's products. With a large content of protein, this product does help the hair regenerate in very natural ways, supplying the necessary strength to enrich and rebuild the damaged scalp. Restructuring the way older products designed to help the hair, this product has been received very good by the shoppers.

Harmonious design and good information displayed on the package are a just a few elements that promote these superb products as worthy of being bought. Sold in sets for different occasions, these products meet the customer's criteria for price versus quality as the price tag for each item sold separately is way higher than the price when purchased in sets.

Online sales have grown in the last few years, determining the producer to increase the efforts of commercializing its products in this environment allowing a larger number of offers to be promoted exclusively for the online shopping, with greater benefits for the consumer as well.