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Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is fashion designer from America. His popularity came, when he designed the wedding dress for a fellow employee of Calvin Klein company - Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.
He became famous instantly. In 2003, a women's perfume, called Beaut Rodriguez was introduced. He launched the series of fragrances in collaboration with Prestige International Corporation. In July 2007, the fragrance for women, named"For Her" and men's fragrance, named "For Him" were introduced. The newest edition of fragrance was introduced in early 2009.

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Blue, Pink, and Silver: the Secrets of Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is a superb fashion designer interested in creating new accessories to define the seasons to come; similarly, the perfumes advertised under his name bear that special something that has the power to eliminate the competition by means of design and complexity of fragrances. It is in the nature of things to change every now and then, yet Narciso Rodriguez tends to pay more attention to tradition, knowing from experience that tradition is the key elements for future trends and styles. As such, his creations are a creative blend of classic and futuristic ingredients.

Here are four of his perfumes in no order or preference; choose carefully, according to your own desires and tastes and make sure you stick to your choice as the diversity inside this line of products is quite extensive:

  • Essence is a combination of flowery elements, rose petals, and balm. It is suitable for young and independent women who like a sense of creativity in their lives.
  • Narciso Rodriguez by Narciso Rodriguez encompasses a vast composition of orange blossom, vanilla, vetiver, and solar musk that reinstate the classic values of a well-balanced eau de toilette.
  • Narciso Rodriguez for women on the other hand instigates to mystery and secrecy with a complex blending of musk, amberlyn, and vetiver.
  • Finally, Essence Musc Collection redefines the soft undertones of ylang ylang by setting them against floral notes of orange and jasmine.

The light, yet minimalistic and powerful design of this brand is quite an attraction when seen on the shelves of local stores or online. Each and every bottle in particular comes as a special attraction and creates the feeling that you're dealing with an exquisite aroma that will last for days on your skin and clothes. Surrounding you with interesting shades of blue, pink, and silver, Narciso Rodriguez perfumes are the key solution for anybody who cares about the looks of their home.

Featuring excellent prices, these perfumes should be bought online in sets to ensure better final costs and the possibility of further discounts for repeat clients. Don't hesitate, act now, and you'll have them delivered in just a few days right at your front door.