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Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore is a popular fashion designer who has founded his company in 1998. The company is located in New York City. One of the citation regarding Nenette Lepore designs is: "Nanette Lepore makes ultra-chic clothes that are at the same time easy to wear." Later on she launched her first perfume for women, named “Runway”. The fragrance has light and fruity scent. Later on 3 more fragrances were introduced.

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Nanette Lepore - Old Styles and New Solutions

The brand named Nanette Lepore is quite new in the field of contemporary perfumes. It displays just a few aromas, but these fragrances are so intense and interesting that the brand has managed to gain international recognition in a very short time. The second thing that makes them so important is that they don't feature regular ingredients as top notes. So, apart from the regular, you get to buy very interesting combinations of exotic ingredients that will make your sense go wild. Nanette Lepore is not particularly interested in displaying a particular style as far as design is concerned, but the truth is that the bottles and the boxes advertised under this name are simply lovely.

Nanette is the classic variety of this brand. It features quite a list of ingredients, all mixed in such a manner that they rather exude a sense of elegance than one of irregular complexity. Pink pepper and rose petals intermingle with violet and neroli only to render the idea of a non-casual fragrance. Actually, these contrasting elements reconfigure the simplicity of this brand into something much more intense and constructive. Nanette Lepore by Nanette Lepore on the other side is determined to deliver the best possible recipe for the young women interested in displaying an air of mystery and sensibility. Traces of white peach and cranberry are set against lime juice and an amber base, creating a sort of a paradox: this perfume is neither too deep nor too fresh for a casual wear.

The design of Nanette Lepore is dual in nature: on the one hand, the minimalistic box and bottle used for Nanette suggests a feeling of classic distinction. On the other side, the soft tones of pink and the flowery imprint from the bottle of Nanette Lepore brings this brand closer to A&C. Whichever the case may be, rest assured you're facing a quality product that deserves all your attention.

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