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Naj-Oleari was founded in 1999 by two partners Naj Komi and Sol Oleari. In 1999 they launched their first fragrance for women, that was named “Angel”. The fragrance had fresh floral scent. The fragrance ingredients were coriander, aldehydes and lily. The basic notes are rose, jasmine and white freesia. Later on second fragrance was introduced. It was men's fragrance named “Porche”. Now there are more than 7 fragrances developed in their collection.

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Naj-Oleari - Playful and Distinguished to the End

People who are accustomed to the name Naj-Oleari know that this is a brand that sells mainly fashion accessories such as scarfs, shoes, and purses. The general style associated to this brand is somehow related to that of Murakami and to the playful (yet very serious) manner in which Vuitton accessorizes his creations. All in all, we're talking by a very modern, contemporary style which has the Mediterranean touch every Italian product has. These details are all important if you want to understand and perceive the true nature of the perfume advertised by this house and to be able to distinguish between the casual feel you'll sense in the first place and the more intense aromas that come after.

White freesia is in the center of this magnificent aroma. The sweet notes of this flower are then doubled by jasmine and muguet; on this bouquet, the creator added traces of rose and vanilla, and, on the top of it, musk. The complexity and playfulness of this perfume is truly exceptional, and so is its spirit, irrespective of the time of the day when you decide to wear it. Intensely subtle, it is this special blending the one that will make young women feel more confident and feminine at the same time. From this perspective, the ludicrous nature of the design is misleading and fascinating: the gap between the core of the perfume and the colors of the accessories advertised by this brand is reason enough to consider the former an atypical epitome of the latter.

All in all, the design of the bottle and box featured by Naj-Oleari is eccentric and unconventional. Remark the quality of the transparency rendered by the bottle and the subtle way in which the cap integrates in the context. In addition, the color palette featured by the box (shades of gold, white, and black) suggests both the eclectic notions of today and the structural elements of the classic era.

Considering the complexity of this perfume, we found the price of it reasonable, to say the least. Ordering online will bring you advantages, as special attentions and the possibility to pay less for more in the short and long run.