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Nair brand has become number one leading brand that produces hair removal products. This brand is best selling brand in America and some other countries. The company offers wide variety of hair removal products, such as hair removal cream for face and legs and bikini zone, waxing strips and waxing kit, products for men, body care products and others. Nair’s products can be acquired in more than 10.000 stores all over America and Canada.

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Nair Bald Beauty

Nair is a well-trusted brand of specialized hair removing products: in-shower moisturizers and exfoliating solutions that also remove hair and leave your skin smooth and clean, hydrating body lotions that help you get rid of unwanted hair, a variety of dermatologist-tested hair removal creams especially formulated for particular body areas such as bikini, face, upper lip, etc., several convenient waxing solutions with increased usability, as well as cool hair-removal gels and sprays. These products are available for both men and women.

In order to find the best Nair hair removal formulas for you, please check the next general guidelines:

  • If you prefer to get rid of the surplus hair in shower, please choose a product from the Nair Shower Power collection: the Moisturizing formula with Aloe Vera, the Max formula with vitamins and lavender (best for thick hair), the Sensitive formula, and the Exfoliating formula with micro-beads;
  • If you'd rather use a lotion, there are four available options for you; the formulas feature Aloe & Lanolin, Cucumber & Melon, Cocoa Butter, and Baby Oil; these are best for your legs;
  • If you need to use hair removal creams for sensitive skin, we recommend the Nair Silky Sensations collection;
  • For bikini hair removal, your best options are Nair Sensitive Bikini Cream and Nair Vanilla Smoothie Bikini Cream;
  • The best facial hair removers are Nair Face Cream, Nair Sensitive Face Cream, Face Wax Strips, and Nair Face & Upper Lip Kit;
  • The available waxing solutions by Nair comprise several distinct products: the Soothing Wax Kit with menthol, the Salon Divine Wax Kit with orchid and chamomile, the Milk & Honey Roll-On Wax, and the Naturally Smooth Peach Melon Wax;
  • If you need to find men's products, look for in-shower solutions, spray and cream.

To recognize the Nair products, you need to look after their logo: it should be clearly visible, blue, with a red dot on "i". The Nair products come in tubes and plastic bottles in summer colors featuring a certain congeniality of the design. The appearance of most Nair products is very similar to that of easy-going beach lotions.

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