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Nailtiques have developed their unique nail care line, named “Formula 1”. This formula helps to maintain healthy and strong nails, and even to treat different nail conditions. The formula of nail treatment products is very special, because of the combinations of ingredients, such as hydrolyzed keratin and protein with gelatin and calcium. The protein formulas build the nail layers stronger, by preventing nails’ peeling and splitting. Also, the company has developed series of nails polishes, that differ be color and shades.

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Nailtiques Fashion Protein Lacquers

Nailtiques is a brand of fine cosmetic products with an expertise in the niche of nail care; the Nailtiques Company is a Miami-based cosmetic corporation; the Nailtique product range includes nail protein solutions, creams, oils, nail color lacquer, nail care accessories and kits; these products simultaneously address nail health issues and manicure/pedicure fashion issues, with absolutely no compromise.

Our selective recommendations go to:

  • The Nailtiques Nail Protein-a line of products specialized in nail maintenance and treatments addressing specific issues such as nail flexibility, softness, peeling, or splitting; the products are resistant to chipping, while the keratin-based formulas have been perfected over the years;
  • The Nailtiques Moisturizers-a line of fine crèmes, conditioners, gels, biting inhibitors, oil-based therapies, nail fungus treatments, and acetone removers that effectively hydrate the nail and penetrate deeply into the skin solving cuticles issues; the active ingredients include collagen, jojoba, Aloe Vera, vitamins, natural oils;
  • The Nailtiques Nail Lacquer with Protein - available in various shades and textures, these lacquers feature incredible gloss shine, brilliant colors, and long lasting wearability; the most popular Nailiques shades are: Vienna creamy white, San Tropez pink, Cairo brick red, Tahiti red, Moscow deep red, Vegas dark red, and Havana-the darkest shade in the entire Nailtique palette; according to the manufacturer, the right application of these products should be: one coat of nail protein or base wear + two coats of nail lacquer + one coat of top shine.

The Nailtique packaging solutions are somewhat minimalistic maintaining a transparency specific to most nail polish bottles; the brand name is usually clearly visible on the front of the little lacquer appliers; though maybe a little too unobtrusive for some, the design is relatively trouble-free with no flows whatsoever.

Should you need an efficient solution to treat your sensitive nail issues that is at the same time trendy and stylish, Nailtique offers the best resolution. By placing your order at our e-store now, you can benefit from cut prices and offers. Be trendy, be fresh, and buy Nailtiques online to get the healthiest and the best looking manicure and pedicure you have ever had.