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First fragrance that was introduced in 1921 by Myrurgiawas “Maja” and it had oriental spicy scent. The fragrance was for women and its ingredients were carnation, cloves, and patchouli. The latest fragrance was launched in 1999 and was named “Base” and it has light and fruity scent. There are more than 5 perfumes introduced by Myrurgia.

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Myrurgia Fragrances and Gifts from Spain

The Myrurgia brand was launched by Catalan sculptor Esteban Monegal Prat in 1916. This important Spanish brand now belongs under the parent company Puig Group. The brand encompasses both fragrances and cosmetics (skin care, bath and body care products), with a special stress on the artistic philosophy behind the brand. The renowned Spanish passion is well reflected in the Myrurgia fine fragrances.

We recommend the Maja perfume for women-an earthy spicy oriental fragrance; carnation and geranium are balancing between a nutmeg feeling and inspiring cloves; an avowal of involuntary seduction, the irresistible Maja can twist your senses in a matter of seconds; the scent is not only soft and sparkling, but also shows its mysterious side. Promesa de Amor by Myrurgia is a woody, powdery perfume, with a freesia and passion-fruit kick and an unpredictably ambery base. Yacht Man Metal by Myrurgia ia a fine men's fragrance: the scent melts on your skin in a creamy, effervescent way, making it tempting and sexy. Yacht Man Black by Myrurgia is a herbal, fresh spicy perfume, featuring even a hint of iris and lily, without being too floral. You can also try Maja soaps featuring an old oriental spice recipe with geranium, vetiver, carnation, nutmeg, cloves, and rose-the Myrurgia signature ingredients.

The brand logo is particularly tasteful, featuring a Mediterranean type font and a fluid, sculptural icon of a woman. The Myrurgia products come in perfectly finished Bohemia glass bottles; the impressive, exquisite presentation featuring luxurious translucent volumes balanced with glossy fire red accents or metal caps cannot pass unnoticed. The Maja logo features an impressive calligraphy, being very well balanced. Maja soaps are wrapped in fine textured black and red paper and look extraordinary good, while the Maja perfumed talcum powders are packed in a somewhat simpler manner, yet maintaining the general guidelines of the brand.

Dare to seek, discover and experience the Myrurgia exotic range of fragrances to add some romance with a Spanish touch to the daily routine; order now to benefit from special discounts! Place your order online to save time and enjoy your shopping experience at out e-store.