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Mozambique is producing scented candles, thatwillbring a truly special atmosphere. The candles has lavender, cotton and woody scents. Later on the company has launched the candle holders, that were made from mosaic glass. The company’s products can be bought in different markets and stores all over the world.

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A Piece of Africa in Your Home: Mozambique Luminaries

Every time a new brand starts to advertise accessories in a specific niche, the quality of these items is of key importance in determining the future of the brand. This is actually natural, as people need to have a reference to start from and the basic principles of a new concept are best described by the quality of the products themselves. From this sole perspective, Mozambique is quite intriguing because it offers the benefits of exquisite materials, whilst keeping a shade of mystery over the name of the brand.

Meet Mozambique Luminary, a superb product that will bring a truly special air in your home. This product is quite complex in nature because it defines a rather complicated and intriguing relation between the two states of the luminary (lit and unlit), thus creating two completely different atmospheres in your home. When unlit, it will fade into oblivion on your tea table, featuring a simple and discreet element of attraction, only remarked by connoisseurs. When lit, it will draw the entire attention to it due to the sparkling and colorful shades of the flame. Without being too intense or too low, the light that this luminary creates around it provokes to solitude and rest and it invites to a nice quiet evening.

All these things are possible due to the complicated nature of the design. Featuring crackled glass and a superb color palette, the Luminary will basically change three things in your room: the type of the atmosphere, the intensity of the light, and the subtlety of the shades surrounding you. Perfectly suitable for romantic evenings, the design also features uneven handmade circles, which evoke a splendid pattern all around the object. Such a product will give you the impression that you are completely surrounded by atmosphere just like you were if you were wearing a new and compelling perfume.

The price of the Mozambique Luminary is extremely accessible when bought online. If you decide to buy more than one item, you may face serious discounts that will help you buy more for less, irrespective of your location and personal tastes.