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Moschino is fashion design house, that is located in Italy. The company manufacturing fashion clothing for women, men and children. Moschino and his fashion trademark became famous for his colorful, innovative and eccentric designs. He became popular in the early 1990s for its social awareness campaign and criticisms of the fashion industry.

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Moschino - Playing Young in the Continental Way

Most of the Continental fragrances advertised in the past years bear the sign of simplicity, minimalism, and experience, as if Europe has never been closer to the idea of history as it is today. However, Moschino likes to swim against the stream by creating products that are precisely at the intersection between a very trendy line and a more playful one. This duet of duotone styles is strange and compelling at the same time. Just like a mountain with two distinct slopes, Moschino is simultaneously inviting and fascinating; give it a chance and order one or more of these outstanding products and you'll see how your perception of contemporary trends will change forever; and this is definitely a change for the better.

I Love Love Cheap and Chic is one of the best examples to reflect the above-mentioned elements. Cinnamon leaves, musk, and red currant create an ensemble that is neither too powerful nor too subtle to be worn on a regular basis. Suitable for all ages, this perfume was created having young women in mind, but the versatile nature of the top notes makes it perfect for seniors at the same time. Cheap and Chic is much serious as far as the bouquet and the design go. Petit grain and white orchid are the main attractions in this rather soft and sweet perfume, impressing every man that will ever cross your path. In a different register, Friends displays appealing aromas of sea breeze and geranium to make men feel more confident when surrounded by this fresh sensation of spring.

Things get even more complex when we look at the design of this brand. Imparting various reactions, bottles are versatile and joyful, with tons of colors and shapes from one model to another. Each product has its own identity and its own of inspiring new things to the one wearing it.

In addition, if you buy these perfumes online, the prices will be much lower than those found in local stores and you will be able to take advantage of serious discounts and other offers that will reduce the final costs even more, for your benefit and consideration.