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Peter Douglas Molyneux was the founder of the Molynex company and he founded the company in 1995. His first men’s colognes was launched in 1998 and it was named Quartz. This colognes still remains in high demand in the perfumery market.

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The New Geometry by Molyneux

Most of the times when we're asked to define a perfume, we use notions similar to those used for taste, hearing, and sight; however, there are brands out there that defy such perceptions by the very foundations they have. Such a brand is Molyneux; with a superior understanding of the way perfumes should be defined, this name has managed to change both the way we see and the way we feel the perfumes around us. It is the implicit geometry of a scent the one that reconfigures its nature and the multifarious spirit of the fragrance the one that truly embodies the values we so much love. To state that even more clearly, Molyneux placed this principle right in the middle of the names.

The Quartz line of perfumes is by far the most important collection of items advertised by Molyneux. Bearing incisive notes, it is tender and discreet at the same time as to better define our nature, our spirit, and our daily moods. Quartz Pour Homme, for example, features musk, amber, and mosses as full aromas and manages to determine exactly the elements that make a contemporary man strong and assertive. Quartz Pour Femme, on the other hand, encompasses benzoid, oak moss, and melon to better subject women to their own mysterious nature. Finally, Le Chic brings undertones of fruits in the very core of a flowery base. So, as you can see, there are no limits to these perfumes in terms of versatility and capacity to display more than one element at the same time, just like a complicated geometrical figure would do.

The design of this brand defies once again the basic rules of the niche, by creating something totally different than the concept embedded in the formula. Expect light elements, suave lines, and plenty of curves in these bottles that also feature subtle textures and finishes. This duet between the cold nature of the perfume and the cozy spirit of the bottles will make you fall in love with this brand for the next seasons to come.

And remember that is always preferable to order online if you want to see discounts making your purchase more profitable, irrespective of the amount of perfume or of the number of bottles you decide to buy at a certain moment in time.