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Molinard company was opened in 1849 in Grasse, France. This place is the roots of all perfume industry in the world. This business remained family-run business, which is one of the oldest in France until now. Molinard was originally manufacturing flower-scented waters, such as Eau de Colognes. In 1860, two new Molinard fragrances "Jasmin" and " Rose " were introduced into the French Market. Later on two other fragrances "Mimosa" and "Violette" were introduced. The fragrances were in elegant crystal bottles. The Queen Victoria, while staying in Grasse bought some Eaux de Cologne in 1891.

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History and Dedication with Molinard

Out of the many continental fragrance companies that are more than 100 years old, Molinard is truly remarkable from each and every perspective. For almost 150 years now, they have managed to come up with proprietary formulas for men and women and to accomplish this with grace, elegance, and intuition. Molinard stands for exquisite aromas for connoisseurs who like to use on a regular basis or at special occasions peerless perfumes. It's already a reality that this is a brand that ignored the casual trends that come and go every other season, thus focusing on their own identity and, moreover, on how they can they put your identity into the light better and more adequately.

Here's Habanita, a perfume at the intersection of traditional Baroque elements and black symbolism, especially created for fabulous women who love to display their own personality and mood. Featuring oak moss, vanilla, peach, bergamot, and lilac, this wonder is the embodiment of complexity and diversity, irrespective of context or outfit. And here's Miss Habanita, a variety destined to young women, in the search for their love. Sweet notes of vanilla intermingle with uncommon leathery effects to create mystery and consistency at the same time. And, finally, here's Molinard de Molinard, which, in the grand scheme of things, plays the main role of the antagonist: Bulgarian rose, labdanum, musk, and incense define the very identity of this extremely deep and sensual aroma destined to women of all ages and styles.

Intensely colored and complicated, the design of these bottles and boxes is adorned by millions of people around the world. The ludicrous, yet deep, almost unfathomable touch of the ensemble is put into light by each and every detail, thus suggesting that there's no end for this collection and, implicitly, for any of its remarkable varieties. It's actually so incredibly complex, it will take you months to even get used to the bottles on your nightstand in the bedroom.

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