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Michel Germain

Michel Germainis aFrenchfashion designer from Canada, who has worked in alliance with well-known perfumers such asSophia GrojsmanandCarlos Benaim. His famous line of perfume was named “Sexual Classic for men and women and it was launched in 2001. Now there are more than 7 perfumes developed in his line.

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Get Sexual with Michel Germain Fragrances

Such a bold title should hide an entire universe of sensual elements and it actually does that, because each and every bottle advertised by Michel Germain bears an erotic and inviting style. As opposed to other similar brands on the market, who like to keep a low profile on the topic and display aromas lacking or ignoring the ideas of sensuality and sexuality, Michel Germain focuses precisely on this topic and delivers hot perfumes for him and for her altogether. Get in the true spirit of things by purchasing at least one of these electric fragrances. You won't be disappointed and neither will be your partner or ones (men or women) you want to impress with your attitude and personality.

Sexual Pour Homme is a splendid blending of magnetic elements and suggestive insertions of both deep and fresh aromas: between the sharp nature of spices and sweet spirit of wild flowers, this perfume manages to create a sense of contextual intuition and to instigate to love and passion. Subtly dismantling its own overtones, this perfume is dedicated to men who don't like to take over from the very beginning. In opposition to this one, Sexual for her will make men of all ages turn their heads when you walk on the boulevard. Sweet aromas blend in the deep volumes of the base thus intensifying the mystery and the secrecy. In addition, other similar products, like Sexual Femme and Sexual Pour Homme Fresh will create similar sensations.

When you take into account the meaning of the design advertised by Michel Germain, you also need to consider its implicit suggestions. Both subtle and minimalistic, the boxes offer plenty of space to let the name of the brand and breathe. Strong colors, suggesting the lithe universe of love complement the almost figural bottles and the implicit transparency of each one of them in particular.

As for the prices, Michel Germain products are unbeatable. Online offers, discounts, and coupons come to assist you in buying more for less and to make you understand that this is a situation you should take advantage of quickly if you don't want to regret later in the year when all your friend will wear these intense perfumes.