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Mennen is a branch of the Colgate/Palmolive Company. Its most famous product is the deodorant for men, called Mennen Speed Stick. The company offers perfumes and green wide stick, which became the leader among antiperspirants and deodorants for men for many years. It was has well-known deodorant, called Teen Spirit, which became the leader among teenage girls' deodorants during the 1980s.

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Mennen - The Art of the Right Antiperspirant

Solid antiperspirants have become a reality every since the first formulas advertised a few decades ago. However, the ingredients have changed a lot since then and we've witnessed some very interesting shifts in this particular branch of the industry, especially due to the fact that some products featured unhealthy ingredients as healthy solutions. It is not the case of Mennen, a name dedicated to deliver the best possible antiperspirant for each and every one of us. Using just a few basic formulas and creating the right combinations for various types of skin, Mennen has become a name with international resonance and worldwide recognition. People around the world trust this powerful brand and choose to buy products signed Mennen on a regular basis.

Some of these items are well-known, whereas others are obliterated and they shouldn't be. For example, Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Deodorant Satin Pear is appreciated in many countries as a top antiperspirant for women who like to look good for the entire day. Especially dedicated to businesswomen who have a busy life and get home late in the evening, this item can be safely used at anytime during the day, leaving no traces whatsoever. Same goes for Speed Stick 24/7 Cool Fusion, a product meant to deliver the perfect balance men need from one day to another. At the other end of the line, Speed Stick 24/7 Non-Stop Protection Fresh Rush features a particular fragrance few are aware of; while Afta Original After Shave Skin Conditioner will change the way you understand and perceive the shaving process.

Unmistakable due to the spectacular design that had such a great impact internationally, Mennen products are built to last. Remark the casual, yet powerful logo displayed on the front side and the sleek aspect of the cap and recipients. Optimized for easy usage, these items are short from perfect and can be carried along without any inconvenience.

Purchasing large quantities of Mennen online will bring you two advantages: you won't get to the point when you'll be out of Mennen and you'll reduce your yearly costs a great deal, as online discounts are significantly more efficient than those found in local stores.