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Max Mara

The House of Max Mara was established in 1951 in Italy. The founder of the company isReggio Emilia.It is a luxuryfashion houseacclaimed for itsready-to-wearclothing collection that was launched in 1952. Later on Max Mara has developed a series of make up and perfume products for women. By March 2008, the company had opened more than 2,254 stores in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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The Gold Touch of Max Mara

Irrespective of their appearance, the fabulous nature of Max Mara is comprehensive and powerful at the same time. Displaying but a few products on the market today, this is a name that should be remembered by all those who fashion the importance of classical elegance in contemporary urban societies. Max Mara stands for joy and youth, but it also stands for the intriguingly beautiful elements that come with a vast experience and with implicit versatility. So here's what you should expect when you stumble upon a product designed and advertised by this company: confidence, an air of attractiveness, finesse, grace, and flair.

Suggesting vast notes of intersecting aromas and splendid blends of traditional and futuristic hues, it is this very brand the one that redefines the core of the recent history of perfumery by means of inducing a specific sense of beauty and joy. Light and aromatic, Gold Touch by Max Mara defies the laws of attraction and establishes a reality and a history of itself. Sententiously free, the dismissive heart of this perfume will make your enemies bend their head, the kings kneel, and the queens approve. With an aroma worthy of its worshiped qualities, this fragrance has been one of the few perfumes able to change the main ideas about a product in a very long time. Remark the bergamot, the cedar wood, the guaiac, and the particularly interesting pink pepper whose aroma floats around this bouquet completely surrounding it.

Have you ever tried to understand the splendid duet between transparency and opaqueness that Gold Touch configures? It is a dialogue between the open nature of the high notes and the deep spirit of the base and, at the same time, a syntax that suggests some things can be covered, whereas others cannot. As such, expect a combination of pearl white and incisive gold insertions that define the core of this concept and, also, of future, possible similar perfumes.

Buy Gold Touch online if you want to experience the hassle-free experience of purchasing a quality perfume without the drawback generally associated with purchasing good from local stores. The sooner you do it, the more beneficial it get for you and, if it's a gift, for the ones you love.