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Max Factor

Max Factor companyis a German cosmetics company, established in 1909 by Maksymilian Faktorowicz. The founder was a cosmetician from Poland, that has been always dreaming of creating his own cosmetic brand. Max Factor has transformed to a international cosmetics company in1973, when the company’s revenue was$500 million dollars. Now, Max Factor company belongs to Procter & Gamble Co. Now the company offers more than 80 make up products for women.

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Max Factor Brings In the Beauty

As satisfaction seems to have been of highest importance, Max Factor has developed a very extensive program meant to reveal the true expectances of the shopper. On such premises, the creations released for sale have been appreciated by all buyers. Some of the cosmetics commercialized by this brand implied a whole lot of research, as Max Factor is known for the highly competitive products it offers. The quality has been one of the main things this company has aimed for, as among shoppers it also seem to be risen as the main preferred characteristic of a product. Max Factor managed to obtain products of unmatched quality, combining, at the same time, elements of modernism and conservationism.

2000 Calorie Dramatic Look Mascara – Black is a product released on the market recently by Max Factor; expressing intuition in every detail, these products are noticed for the luxurious way they are presented in. This product has a strong effect, as it acts faster than any previous versions; it does increase the volume of your eye lashes, fattening the thinner lashes instantly. Concealed qualities come to influence the way this product is perceived by most of the buyers as they have an impatient desire to open the package and test the product on the spot. The package comes with all the instructions necessary for the shoppers to use the product in the proper manner. Released on the market, this product has known a growth in sales along time.

The design of these products is exquisite as they feature a wrapper desirable by most. With a wide range of colors and designs imprinted onto the wrappers, these packaging impress through the originality and the luxurious look of details. Ready to be taken home, they are perfect for gifts, no matter what the occasion is about.

Every now and then, these products are mistaken for some more expensive ones because, given the qualities they deliver, one might expect a pretty high price. However, these products come at a really low price, cheaper than most in their class. Sold in retail stores and online they have recorded a high volume of sales.