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Maurer & Wirtz

For more than 150 years Maurer & Wirtz company has stayed true to their traditions and even until now their perfumes has the same formulas like the first ones. Michael Mäurer and his stepson established the perfumer house in 1854. First they have launched a series of natural soap bras. Later on they introduced fragrances with the strong musky scent. The most legendary cologne for men, that was named Tabac, was launched in 1955 and it still stays in bloom of the perfumery market.

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The Unmatched Sharp Way of Maurer and Wirtz

Maurer and Wirtz is a brand that goes against the stream; instead of advertising casual fragrances that have such a great success to the general public, they've developed a line of items that is neither designed to impress the superficial buyers nor intended as a surrogate. On the contrary, the rather peculiar combination of fragrances displayed by Maurer and Wirtz is reason enough to list it as a separate element of interest in the field of the recent history of perfumery. All in all, these fragrances are strong and dismissive, sharp and dominant, and they are best suited for adult males who know what they want in life and how to take it.

The initial sharpness of Tabac Original by Maurer and Wirtz is enriched with gentle overtones with strange and compelling oriental hints. Best used in the daytime, this variety is the perfect accessory for businessmen operating in large cities full of sunlight and warmth. In addition, Tabac Original deodorant stick delivers a similar aroma, but the entire antiperspirant concept behind the formula is exactly what it takes to make is suitable for being worn together with the abovementioned product. In a different register, Tabac Original eau de cologne displays a new combination of citrus and warm florals that redefines the very nature of contemporary perfumes. Use it on a regular basis and you'll see how your friends we'll start asking you about the specific name of the fragrance you're wearing.

Tones of brown, orange, and white define the very core of the color scheme used for the products advertised by Maurer and Wirtz. It shouldn't be difficult at all to spot them out on the shelves of your local store or online. However, make sure it is the right logo, because you don't want to buy scams instead of original products.

However simple it may seem, buying this brand from supermarkets is not your best shot. After all, online prices and offers are always better and they will spare you of the discomfort of driving all the way to the market, by reducing the entire process of buying them to the press of a button on your computer at home.