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Mauboussin company was established in 1827. This brand has been around for more than 180 years. All these years the company was providing top quality products. The first store was opened in Vendome Place, Mauboussin. This label is considered one of the 'Grands Cinq', the 5 greatest jewelers in the world. Its elegant products have won many titles in past expositions. Among its clients are celebrities and members of royal families. As jeweler, Mauboussin continues to bring up new ideas of designs and elegant innovation of the accessories. Their style includes colors and symbols such as triangles and stars.

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History at a Glance with Mauboussin

Some brands advertise a particular formula, a name, or a newly created fragrance. Others take pride in describing the experience they've gained in the past years. On thy other side, there are few brands that require no presentation; Mauboussin belongs to this last category, being a brand with almost two centuries of continuous activity behind. A brand with such a history usually manages to define new trends with great ease and it also has the rare capability of displaying old formulas in new forms and structures. You will seldom find such brands selling many products; they like to stick to a few aromas and to sell to connoisseurs. If you like this brand and want to be among the few who really know what they're buying when purchasing a perfume, try Mauboussin; it will impress you in every respect.

Mauboussin M Generation is a majestic combination of ingredients, displaying such a complex bouquet that one finds it difficult to determine each and every scent used in the original formula. Expect notes of nutmeg and bergamot and hints of spices and ginger. Ginger in particular is an interesting addition, making the entire perfume much more intense and suggestive. Mauboussin by Mauboussin on the other side instigates to joy and happiness. Destined to young men, this blend of violets, lavender, cinnamon, sage, and bergamot is what it takes to make women instantaneously interested and open. Its surrounding aroma is impressive and syntactically imposing at the same time. Try it for a couple of days and you'll fall in love with it forever.

The things become even more complicated and intriguing when we turn our eyes to the design of these bottles: glorious lines accompany breathtaking contours and volumes, creating products with a presence of unmatched elegance. In addition, the bottles display hue of blue and brown following the specific rules of a misty and secretive transparence that add mystery to the ensemble.

Purchasing Mauboussin items online is the right thing to do if you haven't done it before because it will enrich your experience while allowing you to benefit from the comfort of your home when placing the order.