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Matrix was established in 1980. The founders were a married American couple, that were professional hairdressers. The name of husband and wife were Arnie and Sydell Miller. The couple always dreamed of providing the hairdressers a comprehensive variety of products that would help them expand their businesses and help them to reveal their talent and creativity. Now, over 20 years later, their original ideas still stays the same and Matrix is dedicated to the development of the salon professional. The company offers the line of hair care, hair color and hair treatment products including: Amplify , Biolage, Sleek.look, Curl and Vavoom.

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Find the Right Matrix of Your Hair

It's not just in the name; it's moreover a combination between the vast intuition of this not-at-all casual brand and the admirable formulas created to deliver the perfect product for your hair. With Matrix you will forget about all your problems, from issues dealing with broken or dry hair, to tangled hair, fly-aways, and so on and so forth. In addition, this lofty brand is very efficient when it comes to creating spectacular products for superior haircuts. This is the main reason why Matrix is equally loved by professional hairdressers and regular customers. They are easy to use in any environment, don't require special preparations, and, by means of competent recipes, they manage to restore the natural texture to the most impossible hair types out there. Use it regularly and find out why Matrix is the key to a perfectly styled haircut and, implicitly, a key to your comfort.

Sensual within the required parameters of such a niche, the shampoos and styling sprays advertised by Matrix bring is a sort of elegance we weren't accustomed with before. Amplify Volumizing System Root Lifter will increase the general aspect of your hair, while Biolage Hydratherapie Aqua-immersion Creme Masque will help dry and very dry hair regain their initial condition of a well-hydrated nature. If you think that's not enough, try Biolage Color Care Shielding Shine Mist to add a new level of luminosity and a new type of gleaming effects to your colored hair. Finally, dive in the very core of professional self-care hair care products with Biolage Age Rejuvenating Intensive Masque and stay young forever.

The design featured by Matrix is very complex, given the large number of different products they advertise; however, one should remark two things: the quality of the recipients (be it bottles, cans or sprays) and the compact nature of the design, displaying but a few shades of white, blue, and, sometimes, red. To identify the product, look for the simple fonts in the logo and for a green leaf in the name of the product.

Affordable and very easy to purchase, Matrix should be bought online, as special offers are always better here and the quality of each product in particular is unmistakably good.