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Marmol & Son

Marmol & Son were the founders of the company. They involved all of their talent, knowledge and experience in order to make their the prestige fragrances. They were in business around 70 years with hundreds of branches in every region of the world. This company lunched series of perfumes for children. The current list of licensor includes Nickelodeon, Sony-Dreamworks, American Greetings , Marvel, Hasbro, MGA Entertainment and Warner Bros.

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Marmol & Son - Solutions for Kids and Adults in the Same Place

Marmol & Son has evolved into a relevant brand at an international level in the past few years, after being loved in the United States for some time now. They actually made the big step when they decided to advertise two different types of fragrances: for kids and for adults. While the niche destined to adults is overpopulated these days with hundreds and hundreds of brands, the kid's niche is not that rich in names, even though there are literally millions of kids out there who would give anything for a particular perfume suitable for their age. Here's how Marmol & Son solves this problem:

Having the privilege of presenting many types of perfumes, Marmol & Son is about: intuition, flexibility, versatility, adaptation to contemporary standards, and resourcefulness. Bratz Jade is a brand destined to young girls: the sheer citrus and freesia complement the very core made of sandalwood and peach to make your kid feel confident and strong at the same time. Drake & Josh induces a state of self confidence by traces of lemon, moss, cedar, and watery muguet. Batman will make your kid live more intensely each day of his life: cardamom, black pepper, and warm patchouli will make sure of this, even if the bouquet is somehow sweet and almost tender. Finally, Old Havana is destined to adults and it features spectacular combinations of bergamot and lemon (as primary top notes), cedar wood, amber, and oak moss. Don't underestimate the role of patchouli in this otherwise classic formula.

Marmol & Son have created a style of themselves by featuring various scenes either from TV shows or from movies. The design reflects this reality to a certain extent, so that your kid can choose the perfume of preference thematically. If this doesn't come in handy, help them by explaining them the top notes, as these ones are the first they will sense when smelling the perfume.

As a special attraction, Marmol & Son perfumes are very cheap and affordable and, thus, they have become kids' favorites in many parts in the USA and in Europe. Find these products online and you will be able to take advantage of coupons and special discounts today.