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Marilyn Miglin

Marilyn Miglin brand has become worldly acclaimed beauty authority in beauty industry. The founder of the company Marilyn Miglin is not only a designer, but author and speaker. She is among top-500 women business owners nationally. Pheromone is her signature fragrance. It is one of the top best selling 10 fragrances, that is sold in luxury department stores nationwide. Each month, more than 65-million television viewers invite her into their homes to purchase her products. She has also maintained a spirit of community and altruism.

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Marilyn Miglin and the Notion of Magical Scents

A few years back when we weren't so convinced that diversity is the key concept of the next generation perfumes and fragrances, Marilyn Miglin started to broaden her horizons by advertising new perfume solutions for each and every one of us. It was a bold thing to do, because most perfumers back then preferred the safe path of classic aromas. However, to some extent Marilyn Miglin managed to change this and to create a whole new world of superb fragrances. In addition, she recalibrated her own collections and tried to offer a very compact and cohesive line of products on a market that is flooded with extremes on a daily basis. If you're looking for a island of solitude and peace, look no further: Marilyn Miglin perfumes are exactly what you need to try.

Pheromone, the best known product from Marilyn Miglin is indeed impressive. Structural notes of full-bodied floral aromas are set against an exotic blend of green spices that will impress you and your partner at the same time. Duke, on the other side, uses lavender and pineapple to offer calming effects, should you be stressed or have an alert temperament. Nirvana reinvents hyacinth and displays overtones of purple plum and Turkish rose, while Magic will bring you one step closer to the ideas of joy, happiness, and sophistication, due to its particularly powerful blend of deep top notes over a light and sweet base.

Intricately subtle and silhouetted, the bottles bearing the signature of Marilyn Miglin are pieces of art, displaying casual and contextual elements that would otherwise look plain and simple; it is not the case here, where each product is a symphony in disguise, with strange and enigmatic, and almost magical elements. Transparency and colors play a special role here, because they manage to render a sense of floating materials that, recombined, reflect the very nature of the perfumes.

When taking into account the quality of the formulas and the elaborate creativity of picking the right ingredients, these perfumes sold online come at excellent prices. Orders over the web are possible and they give you the flexibility of shopping fast and accurately, without the drawbacks of local stores.