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Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is a famous tennis player from Russia. She launched her signature women's perfume in 2005. The fragrance was made with the collaboration with Parlux Fragrances. The fragrance contains the notes of mandarin, lemon, pomegranate, gardenia, magnolia and jasmine. The fragrance has a great success, especially among Maria's fans. She also launched scented body lotion and gift sets, which contained the original fragrance and lotion. In 2007 she launched another women's fragrance, that contained similar ingredients of the original perfume.

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Maria Sharapova, a Fragrance to Posses

Among the great deal of influences in this industry, just a few were able to make a difference in the approach this brand has adopted regarding its own products. Many strategies promoted in the last years proved not as efficient as expected. With these facts in mind, Maria Sharapova has conceived a brand new way of selecting the best choices for their products. Releasing on the market perfumes of various aromas, this brand has gained an advantage against its main competitors. Also, by continuous improvements brought to their concepts, Maria Sharapova has pleased the shoppers in such complex ways that it determined them to look repeatedly for the same products.

Very nice and seductive, Maria Sharapova by Maria Sharapova is a sublime perfume which represents this brand truly well. This fragrance features a blend of bergamot, cassis berries, pomegranate leaves, jasmine, vanilla, musk, and mandarin. The aroma is quite definite as the ingredients are mixed in an original formula meant to bring the most enchanting feeling to the customers. Maria Sharapova foaming body wash for women is another product created by the same brand. Carrying the same name like the one previously mentioned item, this product completes the action of the exquisite fragrance described. Acting smoothly, containing the same scents as the fragrance, this shower gel leaves the skin soft and silky with an improved positive effect on your mood.

These products are found on the shelves in exquisite packaging, featuring more attractive colors and shapes than many other cosmetics offered for sale. Some of the bottles and cans carry the original signature of this brand as a simple look is enough for you to recognize their manufacturer. The large number of qualities embedded in these products has been one of the factors that determined so many customers to feel attracted by them.

Especially in retail stores, these products are placed in specific areas of the cosmetic's department, revealing the importance given by the sellers. Online, these products are sold individually or in packages unveiling the opportunity for the buyers to purchase these goods at price cheaper than those met in retail stores or even on the web.