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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a fashion designer from America. He is also the leading designer for Marc Jacobs. Jacobs became the Creative Director of the design house Louis Vuitton from France. Jacobs products are oriented for celebrities. The company is located in New York. Most of his collections make references to the designers of past decades from the forties to the eighties. In 2006, he launched a new collection of body splash mists and fragrances in affordable huge 10 oz. Bottles. The perfumes are distributed by Coty. The perfumes are being sold in boutiques and malls.

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Blooming from Within - Marc Jacobs

Syntactically, there's no real difference between the brand Marc Jacobs and objects d'art; these products instigate to meditation through their smart design and through the way fragrances manage to intertwine with the lines of the bottles and boxes. Featuring flowers and other similar elements picked up from nature, Marc Jacobs items bear of sense of airy presence, just like those gleaming sunbeams you can see in mid-August. And this is not all: the variation from one product to another is so great, that you will find difficult to distinguish between one product line and another. Rest assured however that you will never mistake these perfumes for their counterparts.

Here's a selection of five fragrances advertised by this brand:

  • Lola Marc Jacobs - A delicate violet scent, a highly alluring elixir with an interesting development, it is one of the most wearable fragrances by Marc Jacobs.
  • Daisy - It features strawberry, violets, and gardenia as special attractions and it is suitable for elegant ladies with a taste for ludicrous things.
  • Marc Jacobs Bang Bang - With a crystal clear, cool twist, like a dance, this perfume is intense, yet unobtrusive: the perfect choice for daytime.
  • Lola Marc Jacobs Velvet Edition - Fucsia is particularly important here and it redefines sensuality and suavity by additional traces of peony.
  • Blush - This one will teach you the deep layers of Japanese honeysuckle and the powerful notes of pink freesia.

Regardless of the variety, Marc Jacobs pays great attention to the importance of design. Bottles featuring icy rocks, blooming flowers, and small bouquets create the impression that spring has entered your bathroom and your bedroom conquering each and every corner with intricately beautiful aromas and twirls. As a purely nonintrusive brand, Marc Jacobs recreates the spirit of freedom that many of us knew when we were young, but we lost on the way.

Such elaborate bottles should call for steep prices, but this is not actually the case here: most of the varieties signed Marc Jacobs come at very affordable prices that can go even lower if you take the time to purchase them by means of online orders.