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Luciano Soprani

Luciano Soprani is a fashion designer from Italy. He has designed his signature tailored, colorful men's suits and evening gowns made from silk. His first perfume boutique was opened in Italy in 1989. His fragrance collection for women became popular, because of the floral and strong scent. Over time he has launched several perfumes for women. Now there are more than 7 perfumes in Luciano Soprani collection.

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Italian in Appearance, European in Nature: Luciano Soprani

Stylistically, this is one of the very few brands that know how to make the difference between the simplicity of casual lines and the minimalism of a well-styled contour. In fact, there's nothing casual with this design, nor with the fragrances advertised by Luciano Soprani. If you think you've seen them all or if you believe that you are well versed in the recent history of perfumery, we invite you to try this amazing line of products that has the appearance of an Italian spring and the heart of a Europe autumn.

Irrespective of the perfumes we choose to describe here, you should keep in mind that few things are so complicated and intricately suggestive as the items signed Luciano Soprani. From this perspective, the names you're going to read about below are merely exponents of a much larger and diverse class of products. For instance, Luciano Soprani Strass will teach women how casual can be exquisite if accessorized with the right outfit. Intense and deep at the same time, fresh and dense, this aroma is suitable for ladies who like mystery and who master the art of revealing themselves to others. In asymmetrical opposition, D Soir revives feelings of joy, happiness and the sensation of youth with its duet composed of magnolia and black currant. Other elements, like jasmine, freesia, rose, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, and heliotrope come to complement the very core of this elegant and distinguished perfume.

Luciano Soprani has a special manner of advertising their products: the design is elegant and incisive at the same time, even if there are plenty of elements indicating that we're dealing with a discreet and subtle set of colors and lines. Remark the finesse of the fonts, the gleaming nature of the boxes and the erectile, almost Gothic bottles; the more you look at these products, the more you get to understand that nobility is an act of choice and not implicit nature.

Luciano Soprani can be easily bought online at highly advantageous prices; offers and special discounts are significant and they do show up every now and then, thus giving you the opportunity to better take care of your budget and, ultimately, of your own comfort.